EV Charging Points

Firstly, let's introduce zappi - our eco-smart EV charger. zappi's versatility means it can use electricity both from the grid and from domestic renewable sources - like wind turbines and solar photovoltaic panels.

Capable of charging your car using 100% free, renewable energy from your solar PV or wind generation, zappi puts sustainability straight into the hands of the user.

Even if you haven't got a photovoltaic system (or something similar), zappi can import electricity from the grid. If you do have a PV system, zappi gives you the ability to charge your vehicle with surplus energy that's generated from your own solar panels and wind turbines.

Innov8 Energy can install your EV Charging point to any domestic or commercial location. The MyEnergi Zappi chargers are compatible with all major EV car models.

Download Zappi Datasheet