Why insulate your property?

Correctly insulating your property will provide a massive source of potential energy savings and provide your tenants with a more comfortable place to live in – all year round.

  • It will help improve the EPC rating to achieve a E or above which is compliant with the MEES regulation that started in April 2018.
  • It will help reduce the heating costs of the tenant, making it a more comfortable and habitable property for the tenant.
  • It’s 100% FREE OF CHARGE and all work is done to the current building regulations.
  • It helps reduce the carbon emissions of the property, helping the UK to meet its Carbon emissions reduction policy.

What is the internal wall insulation process?

Day 1 - British Gypsum Internal Wall Insulation Systems Drilyner TL Insulated dry lining system boards are secured to the internal walls of the property.

Day 2 – British Gypsum Plaster is skimmed over the dry lining boards.

5-7 working days after this our painting and decorating team will paint all internal walls and secure fixtures and fittings, including replacing all skirting boards.